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Trade in Phone

  1. 1. We reserve the right to reject set which does not fit our criteria without prior notice
  2. 2. Price listed is for indicative purpose, check only when about to sell on the spot as we don`t log-in price
  3. 3. We accept all brands both sealed or opened box set with no deduction, box torn or not complete set we take it as used set
  4. 4. Brand new means never test or charge handset before, factory packed accessories must not be open or used.
  5. 5. All price listed are non-negotiable and for local warranty set with full box. Export set minus $50-$80 depends on phone value.
  6. 6. We accept Screen Cracked, LCD Cannot Turn On or Spare Parts Defective set. Handset beyond repair or Water Damage will be rejected.
  7. 7. Phone cosmetic condition will be deducted accordingly to major or minor scratch or dent.
  8. 8. For Brand New iPhone X, 8/ 8 Plus /7 /7 Plus; activate less than 3 days -$20, less than 1 week -$40, more than 1 week please check with us.
  9. 9. Registration of personal particular & seller`s identity card is compulsory. You are required to scan device imei before coming to deal; Click this link to start SPEX
  10. 10. Prices quoted are for buy-back or trade-in, no deduction if only sell to us.
Trade-In Used Phone
For used Apple, Samsung, Huawei and Other Android Smartphone select from the brand logo to determine the conditions.
Buy-Back Brand New
Find out your newly sign-line smartphone is worth fast from the price list below.

Trade-in Phone

Find out how much your device is really worth without hassle

Every pre-loved phone conditions differ depends on how the user handle it.

Some take extra care by putting on screen protectors and case to guard against dust and scratches. But we have to admit some users are quite rough in handling his or her smartphone or without any protective gear. Parts may be spoilt due to mishandling or drops without you knowing it.

In order to create a more transparent price reference website for trade-in phone depending on its condition and fault, we had devised the new used phone trade-in assessment page to determine your phone price. This way you can save a lot of time calling or messaging us to check on the phone conditions and also less hassle since you knew beforehand how much your device is worth instead of making your way to the store to get a price shock with a less-than-expected quotation.

*Click This Step-By-Step Guide On How To Evaluate Your Used Device Base On Condition, Functional or Physical Problems.