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Macbook Repair


Product Image Product Model View
Macbook Pro 17-inch A1297
Macbook Pro 15-inch Touch bar
Macbook Pro 15-inch Retina
Macbook Pro 15-inch A1286
Macbook Pro 13-inch Touch bar
Macbook Pro 13-inch Retina
Macbook Pro 13-inch A1278
MacBook Air 13-inch A1369,A1466
MacBook Air 11-inch A1465
MacBook 12-inch A1534

MacBook Repair Singapore

The MacBook is a popular device that people own these days, and for most consumers, their MacBook is like family to them, something they can’t live without. Each day, millions of people and organizations use the MacBook to do several tasks. They use it to run their business, enhance creativity, and improve the quality of their overall work. So it wouldn’t, at all, be an exaggeration to say that MacBook is a game-changer for individuals and organizations alike.

Moreover, to aid its supreme quality and functions, the Apple hardware and software ensures that you receive the best user experience. So considering how Macbooks are such an essential tool for you, it can be extremely frustrating if they stop working properly

Quick fix at the cheapest Rates

We know that a faulty MacBook hinders your life functions; hence, we at Hitec Repair believe in making your lives better by offering the most affordable service rates for your MacBook fix.

From the start to the end, we provide you the best possible service. All the steps involved in fixing your MacBook, from booking an appointment to getting the repair are done in no time. Not just that, but our repairs come with a whopping 2-month warranty.

Our repairs usually take less than two days, easy and simple repairs take even less. All our repairs come with a proper fan cleaning service that ensures the healthy running of your MacBook.

But the best thing about Hitec Repair that allows us to stand out is that we don’t make fake promises. If your MacBook is beyond repair, we’ll simply let you know without charging you a hefty amount for it. Our diagnostic tests are free too.

To back all this is our extraordinary track record that proves our excellent customer service. So when you are sending your precious MacBook to us, rest assured that you will get a service like no other repair shop.


  • Replacement of your MacBook LCD
  • Replacement and repair of MacBook’s battery
  • Repair and replacement of MacBook’s keypad
  • Repair and replacement of MacBook’s trackpad
  • Addition, repair, and replacement of MacBook’s RAM 
  • Repair and replacement of MacBook’s Hard disk drive
  • Repair and replacement of MacBook’s motherboard
  • Mac OSX support


How do I get my Macbook fixed?

1. Book it via our website. Click the Price Info button next to the model of your Macbook to start, select your issue then click next, and enter your details at the Contact Form from there. Once booked, you will receive an instant automated email with your repair details and appointment date/time. If you don't see your issue on that page, Contact Us, and we'll give you a quote. 


2. Bring MacBook to us. During your booked repair data and time, simply walk-in with your faulty Macbook, and we will take care of the rest! If your device has a hard disk issue, all the data on the laptop will be restored back to the factory setting, so you probably need to backup your data to your iCloud storage first.


3. We fix/diagnose your MacBook. You will be kept up to date throughout the process of us receiving your Macbook, right up until the point where do a final check on the repaired parts to make sure its working properly.

If you want to know what causes your Macbook Pro to malfunction, or is your Macbook Air automatically turn off after a while, we will first do a diagnostic test, then give you a price on getting this fixed. If you didn't want this repaired, we can pass it back to you at absolutely no cost at all, or we can offer other options such as data recovery or offer to buy-back the MacBook from you at a reasonable fee to use as spare parts.


4. Receive your fixed MacBook. We will let you know once your Macbook has been repaired so you could collect at your own convenience. You now have a working Mac!